The British Photographic Exhibitions
  The National Exhibitions which are members of the British Photographic Exhibitions offer a Crown Award system designed to enable successful exhibition photographers to gain additional recognition. Exhibitors are invited to aggregate their acceptances in the affiliated exhibitions and, upon reaching the accepted aggregate, to apply without charge for a Crown Rating Award. Each successful applicant for an award will receive a Certificate and a Ribbon and will be able to use the letters acknowledging their award after their name. Those who achieve the top crown award rating BPE5* are then invited to aggregate acceptances and awards in the member exhibitions and upon reaching the accepted aggregate to apply, without charge, for Associateship ABPE and Fellowship FBPE. The successful applicant will receive a Certificate and Medal and will be able to use the letters acknowledging their award after their name.


1. Subject to regulations 2 & 5 below each acceptance in an each open section of an affiliated BPE Exhibition will result in the award of one point.

2. The maximum number of points which can be awarded in one section of each affiliated exhibition is 4.

3. A selector at an affiliated exhibition can claim 2 points for each section for which he/she acts as a selector.

4. The required total points for Crown Awards are as follows:

BPE1 Crown Award - 25 points

BPE2 Crown Award - 50 points

BPE3 Crown Award - 100 points

BPE4 Crown Award - 200 points

BPE5 Crown Award - 300 points

5. Acceptances are valid from the date of affiliation only viz. Ashfield 1993, Bromsgrove 1993, Clay Cross 1991, Cotswald 1998, Dingwall 1991, Guernsey 1993, Leicester Forest 1991, Rushden 1991, Shrewsbury 1995, Solihull 1991, Southport 1991, Vale of Evesham 1999 and Wirral 1998.

6. There are no time limits for the acquisition of the points for a Crown Award nor any requirement for the applicant to have gained awards or commendations in order to qualify for Crown Awards.

Exhibitors who believe they have received the necessary acceptances to apply for a crown award must obtain and complete the application form by writing to the BPE Award Officer. Awards will be granted only after confirmation of the necessary points by the officer. Results cannot be checked until catalogues are issued unless result cards for recent exhibitions are enclosed with the application. Each successful applicant will receive a certificate and a ribbon and where a 5 Crown award has been gained full details of the ABPE distinction will be sent. Each person receiving a Crown Award will be able to use the agreed abbreviation after their name viz. BPE1*, BPE2*, BPE3*, BPE4*, BPE5*, ABPE, FBPE.
The BPE Award Officer is: 
Cliff Thompson Hon. FRPS EFIAP ABPE , Kintra, 79 Belfry Drive, Wollaston, Stourbridge, DY8 3SE.


There are 12 British Exhibitions who have agreed to co-operate, promote and encourage support amongst photographers. New exhibitors can obtain entry forms for each of these exhibitions by sending four 9 x 6 inch. Stamped address envelopes to.

Mrs. Marion Thompson FRPS EFIAP ABPE
Exhibition Co-ordinator British Photographic Exhibitions
Kintra 79, Belfry Drive Wollaston Stourbridge DY8 3SE

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